“Hotel Burton” was the first song that took me to Antonio Fernández. This track immediately transported me into other times and places.  At that moment, I was shooting my first feature film, the documentary “Tres Minutos”, and was looking for a composer. Once I listened to this song, the search was over.
Antonio (Alicante, 1976), composer and musical producer for more than a decade, leads the instrumental quintet Biodramina Mood and lives between Los Angeles and Madrid.
“A new and powerful composer has arrived”, wrote Joan Padrol, journalist from newspaper La Vanguardia speaking of Antonio’s soundtrack for “23 F, the movie”.  Other genres that this composer has mastered are commercials (“Coca Cola”), theater plays (“Agujeros negros“) or art (“Museo del Agua”), ranging from a classical orchestra to the latest electronic tools.


One of the most important qualities in an artist is, in my opinion, humility.  I think that the more humble the artist is, the greater he or she will prove to be.  And this theory perfectly applies to Antonio’s personality. From his modesty and down to earth behavior, Antonio manages to dream up music full of creativity, freshness, power and character. Besides, he always surrounds himself by top professionals, so his professionality and creative solutions are more than guaranteed.

Steven Spielberg once said that John Williams was the one who made E.T. fly with his music. In my film “Tres Minutos” Antonio has also achieved this with his score, empowering the beauty of each shot, the personality of every character and the emotions created by each feeling.

Álvaro Torrellas Hurtado
Film director and producer